Our very first blog- an introduction!

Hey everyone! My name is Rachel, and I’m the Sous Chef here at Veggytopia. We are super excited to finally have our blog up and running (thank you Roni!) so that we can have a new medium to talk about Veganism, healthy living, and of course, delicious FOOD!

When I first started learning about Veganism I had a lot of misconceptions, but most of all, I was incredibly deceived about the food I WAS putting into my body. For me, veganism started out as a decision to be more aware and conscientious about how I was taking care of myself (which, in turn, evolved into something much more).

One of the best parts about my job here at Veggytopia is the unparalleled opportunity to work with stunning fresh, seasonal produce that has never been genetically modified or doused in unnatural chemicals. When you dig in to some of our meals, you are not only satisfying your tummy but you are also giving yourself essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. I never understood why people always separated “good food” with “good-for-you-food”; like there was some unwritten rule that if it’s healthy, it can’t taste good. As a chef that comes from a more traditional cooking background, it never made sense to me why food that is good FOR you couldn’t also be great tasting as well! It’s my goal as the sous chef here to provide amazing food for you, and to show our community that loving ourselves and our bodies can be fun, easy, and incredibly enjoyable as well!

As this blog continues to grow, I, along with a few other Veggytopia staff, will be updating and writing some of our thoughts, experiences, ideas, recipes, and other information so you can get to know us better and hopefully learn about what we do and get as excited about all of this as we are. We love feedback and we love hearing from you guys even more! If you have questions or topics that are piquing your interest and would like to know more about, please shoot us over an email at info@veggytopia.com and we will try to cover it in upcoming blog entries. Thank you all so much for being a part of this awesome journey with us and being patient while we build this website. You guys ROCK!

From the kitchen at Veggytopia,

Rachel S. Snyder


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