My First Day at Boot Camp

Today was my first day at Camp Gladiator. Needless to say I had not had such an intense workout in so long. In the past months I have dedicated to finding some inner peace in my mind and my body. I practiced  yoga to achieve this and changed my diet to a full vegetarian diet. I gave myself a golden rule of “if I can’t go pick it out off a tree or a plant then I can’t eat it”. This changed my body dramatically. I stopped drinking protein shakes in the mornings and grabbing multiple Luna Bars throughout the day. My taste buds changed and it all felt artificial to me now. On my drive back home from Boot Camp I had a sudden urge to pound on a power bar. My body felt so exhausted and overwhelmed that all I wanted to do was go back to my old ways. But I stayed STRONG.

I got home and I had a whole flour tortilla with a banana and some crunchy peanut butter. I felt normal again. My body was still craving food so I made myself some papaya juice. Blended up a papaya with with some Aloe Vera and honey. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

So my speech to everyone out there who is an athlete and a vegan in the making is to not be compulsive on food choices, even when you’re starving and all you can think of are breakfast tacos across the street with lots of starch in them. Pack ahead if need be. I would have done this but 6am came around a little faster than I thought. Always think of all the work and effort you put into every day of eating well and don’t throw it away in a moment of despair.

It is possible to be a vegan and an athlete. You just have to plan ahead and modify.



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