Got Milk?

Got Milk? Well, no. At least not anymore and I’m happy to say that. Growing up in a family where milk was consumed almost as much as rice it’s very hard to let go of milk. Being a vegetarian for six months has been a trip but trying to give up milk seemed even worse. Until I began to constantly get sick with my lymph nodes. Over and over and over again and then I began to get throat infections. I had tried every anti-biotic and over the counter medication possible. Then my chiropractor suggested that I stop drinking milk because it seems as if my body can’t break it down. I told him I drank all organic milk and he said it made no difference for me.
So there I was. No more milk, yogurt or cheese. The first weeks was the worst until I saw the benefit from it. I could finally spend more than two weeks without getting sick or feeling tired all the time. So here I am now, 2 months without any milk. Are my bones deteriorating? No. Has my hair lost it’s shine and my skin it’s glow? Well no. Milk is not as vital as the milk companies make it seem.

I now switch between soy and almond milk. My yogurt consists of almond yogurt and my body couldn’t be happier. No more sickness and no more animal products. Knowledge is powerful so don’t be fooled by campaigns that demand that you NEED milk. You don’t, they lie.



My current obsession for yogurt.


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