Muffin top free MUFFIN!

We’ve all heard it since we were little kids. Sweets and baked goods are not ideal for us. I would convince myself to not eat muffins because they give you muffin tops!! It worked for 22 years. Butter and eggs just fill you up and are not good for you. Being a yogi and conscious about what I treat my body to I steered away from baked goods. Then along came Dani. She is our baker at Veggytopia and now I eat baked goods again! They’re plant-based and all organic. Warms up my heart and fills up my belly with goodness. I’m not saying I will eat a dozen in a sitting but I know that I can eat a muffin knowing that it is does more good for my body than bad.

As Dani bakes more muffins today, I shall share a picture to entice you all. They taste just as good as they look. Cheers for Muffin-top free MUFFINS!





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