What About the Juice?

As I continue my path into Veganism I am quickly discovering that there are surprisinglyl many options when you are a vegan. Sure you can think that your entire eating habits will drastically change by excluding all animal products, but you quickly realize that there are many options available you didn’t know previously existed. My newest sensation? JUICING. It may look gross from time to time, if you are not a fan of drinking “green stuff”, but it truly is delicious. Not only is it super easy and fast to make but you can come up with all of your own creations. You become the Van Gogh of your meals by just having some imagination on what you love. After trying juicing at a friend’s apartment I decided to take the plunge and invest in my own juicer. I suggest you shop around and be aware that the cleaning part of your drink will be the most complicated. I started this juicing craze before Spring Break and I’m still very much in love with it. I have started to include vegetables in my dietary habits, many of which Icarrot ginger drink would have never included otherwise.  Celery has always been a vegetable that I could never comprehend it’s existence, but now I enjoy it at least once a week by juicing. I throw in together random amounts of pear, celery, and ginger. The result? Something that resembles Dr. Seuss’ imagination: it’s green, smells delicious and a bit bubbly up top. Drinking it, or any juice for that matter, makes my body happy. I have so much extra energy, my body feels cleansed and my taste buds are not complaining. So for all of you Vegans in the making, I suggest you include juicing in you life. You never know  you might just love it as much as I do. To the right is the picture of my first juice from my juicer. It includes carrot, ginger and parsley. It is very simple because I was so excited to buy my new juicer that I forgot to stop by the grocery store. After drinking it I did some research on what I included in my drink and I found out that parsley is very good for your digestive system. I always included it in my salads just as decoration. Little did I know that it had such good benefits for my body. So there you have it: Juicing is delicious and vegan! It allows you to be as crazy as you want with your drink or you can keep it simple. I suggest you always buy Organic and make your own creations. Your body will thank you.


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