VegFest Is ALMOST Here!

It’s so close I can smell it. No, really I can; they’re cooking up a storm for tomorrow! I am very excited that we will be part of VegFest again this year. Since I came into our shop I have witnessed all of the wonderful meals for tomorrow be made. Unfortunately I cannot sample any of them since we are saving all of them for YOU! We will be there bright and early to greet all of you. VegFest starts at 11a.m at Fiesta Gardens and we will be there until 6p.m. There will be lots of samples, live music and overall fun events for everyone! I’m happy to announce our finalized menu for tomorrow: Chipotle- Yogurt Kale Salad, Corn Relish, Granola, Chickpea Tuna Salad and Strawberry Streusel Cake. Our Granola is a brand new creation from Chef Craig. It has buckwheat, rolled oats and overall yumminess. Our chickpea tuna salad is not only packed with protein but will keep you satisfied. I cannot praise our Strawberry Streusel Cake enough. In conclusion, I cannot wait to meet all of our Veggie friends tomorrow and enjoy all this great food! Strawberry Coffee Cake


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