A Cup of Coffee a Day

This past week I have found myself enjoying a cup of coffee every day. It wasn’t planned and I’m not a big coffee drinker but it has occurred that way. Funny how life does these things to you. As I sat in front of my computer enjoying my coffee I started to realize what this cup of coffee meant. It has made me slow down on my day. What used to be a crazy non-stop day simply slowed down around this cup of coffee. I could sit and actually enjoy the moment. Which led me to enjoy my meals again. I went from quickly eating in order to get this “task” of eating done to sitting and enjoying my food. I would enjoy what went into my body and what good it does for me. I suggest to you all to sit down and actually enjoy  your meal. If you’re lucky enough you’ll hopefully be enjoying a plant-based and fully organic meal. That’s when you will realize that not only are you enjoying what you’re eating but your body is smiling back at you as well.

If it’s fast it’s probably not going to be worth it. Fast Food has only lead our country to the health state that it’s at right now, so we should enjoy “real food” again. Let’s progress back to our old ways: meal times with real food and dinner tables. We might have forgotten that meals should be enjoyed at a dinner table and not on the go. So in conclusion, I would gladly say that a cup of coffee a day might be a necessity for us. It’s that daily reminder to make sure we are enjoying a real meal to the fullest.

coffee and sittingI heard this the other day from a friend of mine and I found it funny yet very honest. “We are what we eat. So don’t be cheap, fake or fast.”

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