A Very Vegan Fourth of July

With Fourth of July literally 3 days away you may be slighting hyperventilating about how to go on by your weekend with  your non-vegan friends. Well not worry because we are here to give you some survival suggestions on how to maintain social yet still vegan on this very barbque oriented weekend!

Since I love dessert we’ll start backwards. Dessert is actually the easiest so I figured this would be one of the main things people can prepare and take along to their parties. You can make vegan cookies/cupcakes. They can easily be decorated to represent our patriotic colors. (just remember what color dyes are still vegan friendly!) Last year I made a fruit salad of blueberries, strawberries and pineapple. I shaped it like the American flag inside of a aluminum tin. It looked beautiful and yet it was healthy. I suggest anything strawberry and blueberry actually. I have seen cheesecakes be done in such a manner that they look so beautiful. If you aren’t used to baking plant-based then I suggest Post Punk Kitchen. They have easy yet delicious recipes to follow.


Well what about a main meal? I beg to differ that dessert is a main meal but I won’t fret over this. My favorite thing to always do is to make soy patties and season them to taste just like a burger. Odds aren’t they won’t even notice. Plus another let prepared vegan in the party will thank you. How about making new friends? If you want to make a salad that’s easier to prepare  you can give a shot to chickpea salad. The recipe calls for Vegan Mayonnaise. IT. IS. AMAZING. Are you looking for something really quick and easier to make? Salad. A salad will always be a win. Once again you can do some spring mix, throw in some almost as well as blueberries and strawberries.


These are all quick ideas of things you can make. Don’t let the ‘barbque themed’ party stump you down. Think outside the invitation and bring something everyone will love! Non-vegans still love food so give it a shot and you might make something amazing from it all.



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