Vegan Chef Wins Chopped Competition

Chef Craig is very excited to congratulate Chef Richard Landau for his recent success in Chopped. Even though plant-based chefs are a rapid growing trend they are still rather small in their size. So when a plant-based chef wins a competition as known and important as Chopped, it is a good day to celebrate through out the entire community. Chef Richard Landau not only holds a successful restaurant with his wife in Philadelphia, Vedge, but he is also a very popular name in the plant-based community. To many he is a “magician” with his vegetables.

“Put vegetables on the pedestal, embellish them, enhance them, do something that no one’s ever done before – but let people know that it is what it is.”

Check out below Craig Chef’s video as well as one of my favorite articles about the magic chefs.

Vegan Chef Wins Chopped Competition

Magic Chefs

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