Behind the Scene Gals


Roni is our Marketing Representative. She is an Austin gal with a heart of adventure. Having been raised in a family where dinner was always important she grew up loving food and it’s variety. As she traveled through various countries all over she realized that our food system here needed some serious revamping. It wasn’t until after she lost a family member due to a stroke that she decided to change her entire diet for better health. Despite her being an avid runner and yogi she realized that if she wanted to live a fuller and quality life she needed to improve her diet habits. She is now a full vegetarian and working towards becoming a vegan. Her passion for better health has not only inspired some of  her friends to eat healthier but she also takes that passion throughout Austin. She will be at all our events to help you learn more about the Vegan Lifestyle and any questions you may have!


Kyndal is our Office Manager. She is available to help you with any questions concerning our meals and making sure your order is promptly submitted. After years of being a Texas Trophy Hunter she realized that she needed something to make her whole again. She made the bold move of turning in her title and her liking of hunt to find some inner peace in her mind and in  her body. Ever since she has been a devout vegetarian and loves to promote the lifestyle. Having a love for children she volunteers around town to those in need and always knows that the way to find inner peace within you is to start on the inside and then out. So this is why she is a vegetarian and slowly progressing into a Vegan.


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