Chef Danielisa



Growing up on a small Caribbean island Danielisa wasn’t always accustomed to the big city life.  Having had chickens, rabbits, a horse and even once a cow, she knew that she loved her pets.  Wanting to follow her Grandmas footsteps she decided to combine her passion for baking with her love for animals.  In 2011 Danielisa went to The Natural Epicurean, a plant based culinary academy located in Austin, Texas. There she learned techniques and different disciplines to eating plant based food such as ayurveda, macrobiotics, living foods, vegan and vegetarian.  She has ever since been doing what she loves most, cooking and baking delicious desserts without any animal products. Her vegan lifestyle has brought immense joy and benefits to her life such as more energy, mental clarity and better health.  She plans to stay in Austin to learn more about her craft and to enjoy the veggie options in this awesome town until her heart tells her where to go next.

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